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VERYWORDS is conducting the Popple platform business as a means for companies and individuals to actively share carbon reduction activities. POPEL intends to support the creation of a voluntary carbon-neutral culture for individuals and companies through a voluntary carbon trading platform and voluntary carbon reduction action platform for the carbon-neutral era.

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환경 컨설팅


Climate change response consulting

We provide consulting on policy development and mid- to long-term strategy establishment so that the Korean government, businesses, and people can make efforts to respond to climate change. In addition, we provide energy efficiency, energy management, and environmental management consulting to respond to climate change at home and abroad and to solve environmental problems.

e-Mobility R&D & Production

e-Mobility R&D & Production

As a step towards carbon neutrality, VERYWORDS researches, develops and produces e-mobility, providing users with opportunities to reduce carbon. In addition, we provide a lithium-ion battery that can drive mobility with good performance and a charging station with a Battery Swap method  to ensure convenience and safety for users.

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e-모빌리티 개발&생산

Reuse & Recycling

Reuse & Recycling Technology

Recently, as the lithium-ion battery market has grown exponentially, disposal of waste batteries whose state of health (SoH) has fallen below a certain standard has emerged as an issue. VERYWORDS will establish a battery recycling center to advance a carbon-neutral society through secondary battery reuse and recycling technology.



e-mobility service

VERYWORDS is developing various business models to revitalize e-vehicles. In addition, renewable energy business through the distribution of e-vehicle charging stations using renewable energy

We are making continuous efforts to promote activation.